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Hermaphrodites are real. They are born with a real vagina and a real penis!!!

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Hermaphrodites are more common than most people realize, but are often surgically altered shortly after birth because a physician advises castration of the penis. If you have a newborn hermaphrodite, or have just learned that your fetus is a hermaphrodite, we strongly urge you to read this before surgically altering your . If you are a hermaphrodite, we invite you to enter Hermaphrodite.com and please understand that we are an adult oriented site. You can find more information at the Intersex Support Group.

Hermaphrodites are born with both male and female sex organs. They are fully functioning men, and also fully functioning women, and usually live their day to day lives as women. They can enjoy sex as both a man and a woman. They can both impregnant a woman, and also be impregnated vaginally by a man. Watch them suck, fuck and get fucked by men, women and even other hermaphrodites in our exclusive and extensive XXX hermaphrodite picture galleries, mpeg videos and hardcore hermaphrodite sex pics. We also have simulated video for WebTV and hardcore herm slideshows. We feature herms and only herms! We do NOT have shemales, transexuals or other transgenders.

Hermaphrodites are born with both a penis and pussy. All hermaphrodites by definition are born with a combination of male and female sexual organs. Many are born with a vagina, vulva, clitoris, cervix, ovaries, recessed (internal) testicles and penis. They have real breasts, a real penis and a real vagina. All of our hermaphrodites are true fully functioning herms from birth, and are guaranteed to not be surgically altered. They are all beautiful!

They can even sometimes become pregnant and bear ren, and they are also capable of ejaculating sperm because, although their balls are not visible, their testicles are internal. Therefore they are usually capable of impregnating a woman and are therefore capable of bearing ren as both a father and a mother! For an incredible journey you will never forget JOIN NOW.

ARE YOU A HERMAPHRODITE? Some of our members would like to write to you, and post messages on our bulletin board to you. If you are a hermaphrodite and would like to get mail from our members and from other hermaphrodites, please write us. If you are a hermaphrodite interested in phonesex, modeling, or live sex, please contact us! Earn big money for modeling, one-on-one phone sex, and/or livesex!

Parents, if you have an intersexed , stop and read this before consenting to surgery. Parents would be well advised to utilize juvenile filtering software to prevent minors from entering this adult site. Although we are an adult site celebrating the unique beauty and desireability of the intersexed form, hermaphrodites looking for intersex support groups will find a listing here.

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