Hermaphrodite FAQs

Hermaphrodite FAQs

Everything you always wanted to know about hermaphrodites but didn't know who to ask.

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Hermaphrodite FAQs

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1. Have you orgasmed as both male and female? 

2. Which do you get the most pleasure from? 

3. How does female sex feel different from male sex?

4. What is the ratio of hermaphrodites to non-hermaphrodites?

5. Are most hermaphrodite bodies structured upon the female (i.e., 
     rib cage, body fat distribution).

6. Do some hermaphrodites have underdeveloped penises? I ask 
     this question because there are pictures that I have seen on other 
     websites that show an enlarged clitoris and the caption reads that 
     "this is a hermaphrodite."

7. What is the estimated population of hermaphrodites in the 
     United States?

8. Should a male and a hermaphrodite have  ren, what are the 
     chances of any of the  ren being born as a hermaphrodite or of 
     it occurring in later generations, and is hermaphrodite a genetic 

9. Being that hermaphrodites are part male, do they have facial 

10. What are the conditions and attitudes of the European medical 
       community towards hermaphrodites and are they accepted more 
       readily in Europe?

11. Does the hermaphrodite condition occur in all races?

12. Do hermaphrodites urinate as men would or as women would?

13. Where do they urinate from... Do they have two bladders, is one 
       connected to both organs, or does it vary between one or the other?

14. This may sound stupid but can a hermaphrodite's penis
       become fully erect but never ejaculate, even at sexual climax?

15. How can a male tell if he was born a hermaphrodite but altered at 

16. If they have reproductive organs intact, that means that they can 
       both impregnate and be impregnated at the same time?

17. I know it is a stupid question, but why couldn't they impregnate 

18. Does one sex dominate?

19. Is it the case that the majority never decided to choose a sex?

20. I suppose many decide to undergo surgery to enhance their 
       appearance to attact others?

21. Is the vagina less developed, less deep?

22. Are the ovaries developed enough to give birth?

23. Do they posess estrogen and testosterone?

24. Is there normally a great deal of depression that goes with being a 

25. Are there hermaphrodites that choose to be a man type?

26. How do they view dating, marriage, sex etc?

27. Can a hermaphrodite give birth to a   even though they have a 

28. Can a hermaphodite impregnate a woman?

29. Do they always penis, vagina, breasts and a clitoris?

30. Do they sometimes have testicles as well as a vagina?

31. Do they have to take hormone supplements to stay regular?

32. A hermaphrodite Does Not produce sperm, right? Just semen?

33. Are most intersexed persons living as women? 

34. Do most intersexed women consider themselves gay or straight?

35. One sexual question that has escaped many of us for YEARS  
       is the question of the difference between male orgasms and  
       female orgasms. The popular belief is that the female orgasm  
       is so much deeper, longer lasting, euphoric...while the male  
       orgasm is (although enjoyable) brief. Do true Hermaphrodites 
       experience "stereotypical" orgasms from both sex organs...?  
       And if so... can they confirm the difference between the two...?  
       Do they have a preference...? 

36. Also... It may just be the person... but in many of the image 
       series... the orgasm from the penis from many of the 
       Hermaphrodites "seemed" to produce MUCH more ejaculate  
       than typical men... almost explosive? 

37. Lastly... similar to the first question... in any Hermaphrodites...  
       are the orgasms one-in-the-same...? In other word... their  
       orgasm feels the same whether it be vaginal, clitoral or penile...?  
       Just one "global" orgasm no matter HOW it's achieved...? 

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