Hermaphrodite [TM]
Hermaphrodite.com™ has real hermaphrodites born with both a penis and pussy. Hermaphrodites are born with a vagina, vulva, clitoris, cervix, ovaries, recessed testicles and penis. They have real tits, real cocks and real cunts. They have every sex organ! They can even sometimes become pregnant and bear ren, and they are also capable of ejaculating sperm because, although their balls are not visible, their testicles are internal. Therefore they are usually capable of impregnating a woman and are therefore capable of bearing ren as both a father and a mother! For an incredible journey you will never forget JOIN NOW.

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FAQs Got a question about hermaphrodites? Wondering about the difference between male orgasms and female orgasms? Do you wonder how do they view dating, marriage, sex etc? This is the source. Find out here!
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